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Test MBTI ze strony Personality Central

: piątek, 26 lutego 2016, 21:31
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According to the test, you have a preference for:
Below is a summary of what each individual preference means:
Extroversion: You draw energy from people and the environment.
Intuition: You are tuned into your imagination and learn new information by the seeing the big picture.
Thinking: You make decisions by logical, objective analysis.
Perceiving: You take an open approach to life and seek openness.
Individually, your preferences mean only so much, but when combined, the preferences work in combination to form your unique personality!
Ciekawe, bo z innego testu MBTI mi wychodzi ISTP, a z testu socjonicznego ENTp. Jakby zmiksować ISTP i ENTP, to wyjdzie INTP, albo ESTP 8-)